Puppy School Videos

  • Created by Dr Jen Nesbitt-Hawes BVSc MVSt MANZCVS

    As a behaviour veterinarian and educator, Dr Jen is passionate about animal behaviour and enjoys sharing her knowledge.

  • Enjoy puppy training

    Learning should be fun - for you and your puppy! We will teach you how puppies learn, how to read dog body language, and how to set your puppy up for success.

  • Build your knowledge

    This online course is the perfect complement to puppy classes and lets you learn at your own pace. From house training to how puppies learn, you'll be able to build your knowledge - and your relationship with your furry friend!

  • Learn from home

    Learn from the safety of your own home.

Course curriculum


Social Distancing Special! 50% off to help you learn more about your pups during a global pandemic!